Under the Sea...

October 31st 2013
A mini journal page made using a gorgeous image available at the Queen Kat Designs Store by Nora Blansett - isn't she beautiful?

I had a bit of trouble with this page - I wanted to emboss over the paint I had put on and the embossing ink tube spurted out the top and all over my journal - what a sticky mess LOL!!!! I cleaned up what I could and added the embossing powder and some sparkly bits and attempted to emboss it with too much embossing fluid!!! Anyway it still turned out to be quite effective looking so it's not all bad - just the other pages are a bit "wet" in one corner from the spillage!! Needless to say I threw the bottle out - it was way too many years old anyway!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I never could have guessed that you had this accident as the page is beautiful.
I can imagine everything is still sticky!

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