ICAD Week 1

August 14th 2015
I cannot believe I completed all 61 days of the recent Index Card a Day Challenge - I'm very proud of myself - so I'm finally going to start showing them all on my blog!! So today here is my title page and Week 1 lot of cards. I've listed rubber stamps/digi stamps/collage images used underneath each card.
Title Card 
 Rubber stamps from JessicaLynnOriginal, lettering stamps from my stash.
Day 1 : Chevron
 Collage images from Art Tea Life.
Day 2 : Carnival

Stamps from JessicaLynnOriginal. Mask is a Silhouette File.

Day 3 : Map

Collage images from Art Tea Life.

Day 4 : Mailbox

Stamps from Studio Astarte.

Day 5 : Owl

Collage images from The Octopode Factory. 
Day 6 : Taxi
 Collage gal from itKuPiLLi. Taxi Silhouette file.
Day 7 : Periodic Table
Fairy collage image from Lisa's Altered Art. Chocolate Silhouette file.


Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly collection of art and impossible to pick a favourite although those dogs looking for a good party certainly made me smile!

TeamMould said...

Way to go Sharon!!!! That was lot of commitment on your part and your cards look great!


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