ICAD Week 1

June 8th 2016
I am doing ICAD again this year and here are my week 1 cards - days 1 to 7!!! Had lots of fun doing these! Now onto week 2!

The "weekly" theme for week 1 was inspired by words, typography, found text, poetry, old books & list making.

Day 1: Mix Tape
Digi stamp by JessicaLynnOriginal
Day 2 : Pyramid
Digi stamps by Sandra Caldwell

Day 3 : Snoopy

 Digi stamp by Sandra Caldwell
Day 4 : Typewriter
Collage images by Gecko Galz

Day 5 : Cloud
Collage images by Art Tea Life
Day 6 : Top Ten List
Collage image by Lisa's Altered Art
Day 7 : Pinball or Bowling
Collage images by Lisa's Altered Art

1 comment:

Michele said...

each is more wonderful then the one preceding! all so inventive! xo

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