ICAD Week 2

September 5th 2015
Still trying to catch up on posting here on my blog with the rest of my ICAD Cards! Today I am sharing Week 2 of the Index Card a Day Challenge which was a great colour challenge!

Day 8 : Grapefruit & Cherry
Collage images from itKuPiLLi
Day 9 : Carrot & Lemon
Collage images  from Freubels Freebies & Rabbit Rubber Stamp from JessicaLynnOriginal

Day 10 : Eggplant & Ginger

Collage image from Ceremony, Bats cut on Silhouette

Day 11 : Lime & Mayo
(should have been Lime & "Mango" - couldn't read my own writing LOL!)

Collage woman from Dezinaworld, Rubber stamps by Hot Off the Press

Day 12 : Parsnip & Kiwi

Collage boy images from Lisa's Altered Art, "Let's Go" from Art Tea Life

Day 13 : Blueberry & Plum
Collage images unknown source

Day 14 : Salt & Pepper

Collage images from The Octopode Factory


Terry said...

What a fabulous collection of ICAD's, Sharon! Awesome backgrounds and images! Happy Weekend!

Michele said...

these are completely fabulous! what a great challenge! xo

Anonymous said...

A fabulous array of ICADs and shows how you work with colour so effortlessly. Inspirational.

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